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Tomb-sweeping Holidays from April 2nd to 5th


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Tomb-sweeping Day  is on April 4th, so we will take four days off from April 2nd to April 5th.  

Company will be back on duty on April 6th.

smileyWhat is Tomb Sweeping Day?

Tomb Sweeping Day is the day that Chinese families return to their ancestral tombs to care for the graves of relatives who have passed away. Families gather to honor their ancestors by praying, lighting incense, burning paper offerings, and leaving flowers, or food items. 

But it is also a time to gather your family and enjoy Taiwan springtime and outdoor activities like picnics and flying kites.

“Other names for the festival are Tomb Sweeping Festival, Qingming Jie, Qing Ming Jie or Ching Ming Jie”

smileyWhen is Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan?

In 2021 it is April 04. Tomb Sweeping Day occurs 15 days after the Spring equinox, or 107 days after winter has begun, which usually means April 4, 5, or 6

smileyTomb Sweeping

The Chinese tombs can be quite large, and can require maintenance. On Tomb Sweeping day actual maintenance can take place, or a simple tidy up by sweeping, changing the soil around the grave, or pulling up any weeds that have appeared. 

smileyOfferings for Tomb Sweeping Day

To ensure their ancestors’ happiness in the afterlife offerings are made. These offerings can include rice, liquor, fruits, and flowers. As well, ghost money and zhiza are burned at a small fire in front of the grave. Ghost money (or joss money), is special sheets of paper money bought in bundles, and before burning every sheet must be touched. Zhiza are paper models of belongings the ancestor cherished in life such as cars, houses, jewelry, or even things like ping-pong tables and musical instruments. Whatever is offered or burnt is considered “sent” to the next world for the comfort and enjoyment of the ancestors.

smileyBai bai on Tomb Sweeping Day

Bai bai means to pray, pay respect, and worship, and is an important part of Tomb Sweeping Day. A small fire is lit in front of the tomb, whereafter each family member takes turns to say a few words in memory of the deceased and gives thanks to the God of the Earth for taking care of the gravesite.

smileyWhat to eat at Tomb Sweeping Festival

According to the legend, foods should be served cold. Traditional dishes include sweet green rice balls, peach blossom porridge, crispy cakes, snails, and eggs, all prepared a day ahead.

Do’s and Don’ts of Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan

Please bear in mind that spirits are an important part of Chinese culture. The belief is that the cemeteries are haunted and therefore you should act appropriately, so as not to bring home the ghosts! Ghosts and spirits are said to latch on to anyone who doesn’t properly follow the rites and traditions. Some of the rules dictate who is allowed to visit the grave, that the chosen ones are to dress in neutral colors, not bright colors like red or black as they attract the spirits, and how the food is presented at the grave. 

An extra precaution is to step over a small fire when leaving the cemetery, just to ensure that you do not take home any wandering spirits. If this is not a possibility, then when you return home, you can draw a bath and infuse it with pomelo leaves or flowers to send away any unwelcome spirits.

Company will be back on duty on April 6th.yes

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