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Our Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is being the long-term and trustworthy supplier in plastic injection components field, also to be the leader of the precision plastic injection parts and OEM projects.
Our professional team have the good faith, positive and responsible characters, we provide the upgrades and precision-grade plastic injection components and hope to win the trust of customers around the world. 

Case Solutions

Complaints from clients are challenges for any businesses however they have to be handled as soon as possible. We adhere to the following principles:
  1. Thankful to client’s complaints.
  2. Process immediately with honesty.
  3. Set out process time table and methods.
  4. Make sure client’s satisfaction.
  5. Review work streamlines to avoid further problems

Environment Policy
  1. Established environment risk assessment and risk management
  2. Improved the workplace and environment health
  3. Comply with environment and other related regulations
  4. Set up environment management system
  5. Recycling second used resource and saving energy