Quality System

Quality System

Quality Policy

Mission and Quality Policy: Fine Quality, Continuous Improvement, Skill Innovation and Customer Satisfaction.

Mission and Quality Policy: Customer First and Quality First Ginlee takes quality seriously. We operate a business based on the following procedures to guarantee our quality.

Incoming Quality Control

All materials and components are checked upon delivery to ensure they meet the project requirement. The related certificate for steel, mold base, raw material of plastic will be provided upon request.


Measurement Report

According to your 2D drawing, we provide measurement reports of samples after we first try out. We offer you reports upon request.


In-Process Quality Control

When constructing a mold, we definitely check every components or parts; then we proceed to the next step. In the series injection and production stage, we have quality checking through the whole manufacturing process. We use Vision Measuring Machine and Coordinate Measuring Machine to help exercise in quality control.


Final Quality Control

We check product quality before molds or products were shipping out. A final check helps ensure that there are no details and steps overlooked.