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Precision Injection Molding Parts/ Plastic One-Stop Solution


IATF 16949 Certificated/ In-House Tooling Maker


Inventory Management Partner/ Taiwan OEM Molding

About Us

Ginlee as the expert in plastic injection molding has been since 1997 in Changhua, Taiwan. We started out as a tooling maker, but now we provide on-stop service with customers worldwide. We have OEM solutions, including molding design, tooling making, injection molding, plastic secondary services, printing, painting, stamping and assembly. All processes are done in-house which help customers not only save costs but also save time.

Over these two decades, we never stop learning to keep up the pace. We passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certificate. We keep pushing all of staffs to be innovative to ourselves. Also, we continuously renew and upgrade our equipment and system.

As a professional plastic injection manufacturer, we aim to provide customers with fine products, good services, and cost saving solutions. We stand in Taiwan; think globally. Contact us to learn more about plastic injection molding. Choose Ginlee to make a win-win!


Here at Ginlee, we commit to utilizing our profession and technique to figure out plastic injection molding solutions to our customers.
We focus on maintaining quality and cost-effective products to satisfy our customers' demands. Our customized and OEM services give our customers' more flexible choices on custom injection molding.



Precision Plastic Injection Molding/Customized Services
Electronics components plastic injection molding
Apply to computer components, cell phone lens parts, consumer electronics parts, printer parts, optical components, USB covers, cases, enclosures, camera components. Contact us to learn more!
Aviation parts plastic injection molding
Apply to ground screws, gland nuts, radar parts, server parts, mobile television components, aviation connectors.
Electrical parts plastic injection molding
Apply to digital camera parts, automotive electronic components, connectors, cable enclosures, electronic plastics, electrical components, wire housings and plugs.
Medical device plastic injection molding
Apply to disposable medical parts, medical devices components, medical device enclosures, medical pump components, medical device plastic parts
 Automotive accessories plastic injection molding
Apply to automotive interior parts, exterior car accessories, headlight components, engine parts, parts for cooling systems, trim panel retainers, interior clips, auto fasteners.
 Hardware plastic injection molding
Apply to automotive fasteners, furniture fasteners, plastic screws, nuts, bolts, clips, cable management, fasteners, locking pins, bushings, rivets, retainers, plugs.

Core Technology

Mold Design
Mold Design
Our engineers will analyze and discuss mold design and constructing with your design team in the early stages of product development
Tooling Making
Tooling Making
In-house manufacturing to save customers’ time and money
Injection Molding
Injection Molding
A wide range tons of injection molding equipment with brand of FANUC and SUMITOMO
Recommending suitable plastic materials, and selecting a proper ton of injection machines
Injection molding materials: ABS, PC, POM, PP, PMMA, PBT, LCP, PE, PA (Nylon), PPS, PPO
Plastic Secondary Processing
Plastic Secondary Processing
Painting, printing, hot stamping on plastic parts, components assembly
Ensuring product quality to customers’ standards and reliability tests
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
At Ginlee, our customers are always the first. We focus on maintaining our products quality and consistency.
Good Service
Good Service
Professional R&D team, strict quality control management, reasonable pricing, quick response, and good attitude to make customers trust in us.
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